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Ginny Big Bang

Giving Ginny a Happy Valentine!

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Celebrate Valentine's Day with Ginny Weasley!


Our mission is to give Ginny the best Valentine's Day ever by encouraging more Ginny-centric fic and art for everyone to enjoy.
There can never been enough Ginny novellas and we want your help!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

Authors: Write at least 20,000 words of Ginny-centric fiction.
Artists: Produce traditional and graphic art, vids, mixes, etc. to accompany the fic.
Everyone: Have fun!

Dates to Remember

July 15, 2009: Preliminary sign-ups for authors open. Sign-ups for betas and artists open.

August 15, 2009: Preliminary sign-ups close.

November 23, 2009: Official sign-ups for authors open. Beta and artist sign-ups close. Artists who don't sign up by this date may serve as a pinch hitter, should those be required.

November 30, 2009: Official sign-ups close.

December 7, 2009: Artist assignments sent out.

January 31, 2010: Final drafts and artwork due.

February 14, 2010: Posting begins and the GBB archive goes live. Happy Valentine's Day, Ginny!

March 15, 2010: The exclusivity period ends, and authors and artists may post their work wherever they like.


Comment HERE to affiliate with us. Visit our friends at dg_ldws, malfoy_weasley, hp_triangle, first_order, hpotterland, everyfandomfest.

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